segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011

So... i bet a lot of you have seen this kind of introduction before. And I assume all of you who are vegging out in front of your computers with nothing to do and 'surfing' at the the internet, blindly staring at stupid blogs like mine, are expecting a good story for a change. Well I'll do my best to polish some details. So I was born Cuilius II of De Vries. No just kidding. My name's Eduardo Park Monteiro Baptista, famously known as...wait for it... eddie. I'm a luso-quartarian-french-korean (fruit grown from a korean mother and a franco-portuguese father who have you seen THAT in any of your bloggers I don't think so) I like to think myself as one those streetdogs who don't really have ONE breed, more like 8. But these canines aren't stupid or anything. Actually, usually inherit all the best qualities of their wide array of cousins and parents. I have the Mathematical prowess obviously given to me from my mother's asian genes and a strange and obssesive love for food which I'm sure goes back to my french grandmothers for petit fours, éclairs, gateaux and a lot of other words which them alone make your mouth water. I'm 14 years old, exactly one month from being 15, student at the St.Julians International School at Portugal. I'm very thankful for being in this school as fees are at an all-time high, with one month of broken bathroom locks, and disgusting cafeteria food which sounds good from the multi-cloured menu, which must have cost more than the actual food for that matter. But those are probably the only negatives I can find about my school. Teachers are mostly not negatively not positive, (Hope it takes you a while to get that) we have a lot of space and nature, two well-sized astroturf football pitches, and honestly, whenvever we play football after the dreaded cross-country run where dangers such as mud snakes could strike us, I always lie down one the soft pitch and look up to the blue sky in my uncontested goalkeeper position, while my friends are sweating upfield all chasing the ball, and I think to myself that there is no other school in the world I'd rather over.
Obviously my unconstested  goalkeeper postion comes from my height. I'm quite tall at 180 cm and as far as I can remember it's always been my destiny to be a goalkeeper. Ever since Nursery I've been allocated to the goals by one of the numerous and loud 'captains'. But I get the feeling that I'm just being dumped there because I'll cause less damage to the team in that postition but I'm actually pretty allright at it. I cover the goal well and I'm sort of agile so it's like I can have my moment of glory minus all the running up and down the field. It's simply a part of me. In fact, sport plays a big part in my life. I find it hard to juggle the three balls each called music, studies and sport the latter being the heaviest and therefore the hardest to juggle and the other two just crying out to not be dropped so often. But with all my basketball and karate, I still try to find an hour or so just to play a bit of guitar. Now, to all you stereotyping people, I'm not the typical 8-hour a day, die-hard asian music player, my parents lock me in chains and force to play until my fingers my fall off. I'm into all kinds of music as long as it isn't auto-tuned. I can't stand the monotous 'ringing' of those computer voices singing songs about how they slapped that prositute in the bum real hard and how they rule the block. I play because I like to.
Now, maybe the lightest of all three balls, school. I do have a interest in learning. I like school. NO STEREOTYPING PEOPLE I'M NOT A STRAIGHT A STUDENT WHO WANTS TO GO TO HARVARD. jeez. Quieten down there, honestly. I get good grades, try to behave well and whenever effort is needed I do my best my best, I guess. I'm pretty conscient that this yr 10 is the last year of mild 'relaxation' I'm going to have. With the GCSE's coming up next term, I dread to think how heavier the sport ball's going to get and how often I'm going to drop the school ball. As you can see by my ingenious metaphors, I do have a love for writing. A lazy love. Whenever the English teacher doesn't ask us to analyse something or to read a few chapters from to kill a mockingbird, she sometimes asks for us to write a story and that's when I shift into full attention gears. I guess the intelligence which I lack, (my brain cells have probably been contaminated by mediterranean barbaric blood) is compensated in creativity. And I'm glad. Although juggling balls may get hard,-O.K. I need to stop with that one, and YES i know how bad that sounds people, get your minds out of the gutter, seriously- I like my hectic lifestyle, it gives me something to do and is a natural barrier keeping me away from the evils of miniclip and canvas rider. Anyway, bothered to write anymore since the evils of writing are starting to creep into me and feel that in a few minutes I will be writing a extended essay about my seemingly amazing life which will deprive me from some much needed sleep. Part 2, coming out soon

P.S. make up your mind about the definiton of 'soon'. I've got my own.